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Evidential Medium
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Services and Fees

Barbara believes that the Gifts of the Spirit are to be shared.  She finds so much personal fulfillment in being of service to the Spirit World that her greatest reward comes from the joy of being in communion with spirit to help those on both sides of the veil.  Therefore, in rendering her services as a medium, Barbara is seeking no financial gain for herself.  Rather, Barbara asks that each sitter donates the equivalent of her fee to the maintenance and running of Spiritual Life Fellowship, Inc., a non-profit religious organization.

The types of sittings which Barbara offers, along with Barbara’s suggested minimum fees, are as follows:

PRIVATE SITTINGS:  This is an opportunity for you to connect personally with your loved ones in the Spirit World.  A Private Sitting can be the most intimate and the most rewarding of all the types of sittings offered, since you are the only person present and everything that transpires automatically becomes confidential.  Private Sittings usually last for ½ hour.  The suggested minimum donation for a Private Sitting is $60.

SEMI-PRIVATE SITTINGS:  These sittings work in much the same way as the Private Sitting, except for that fact that several people may be present at the Semi-Private Sitting instead of just one.  This is the best type of sitting to have when two or three close family members or friends wish to hear from the same person in the Spirit World.  In such a situation, up to three people may elect to attend the ½ hour sitting together in Barbara’s Reading Room.  The suggested minimum donation for this type of Semi-Private Sitting is $60 for the first person and $25 for each additional person, up to a maximum of three people.

SMALL GROUP MESSAGE CIRCLE:  This is an opportunity for a small group of friends and/or family members to gather together and receive messages from loved ones in the spirit world.  Small Group Message Circles are limited to 8 people.  The charge and the time allowed varies, depending on the size of the group.  Barbara usually allows approximately 15 minutes per person.  The suggested minimum donation is $30 per person.

PUBLIC DEMONSTRATIONS OF MEDIUMSHIP:  This type of mediumship is also known as "Mediumship Gallery," a "Mediumship Demonstration," or “Platform Mediumship” since the medium typically stands on a “platform,” or stage, in front of an audience.  In this type of setting, messages from loved ones in spirit are brought to various people in the audience.  These messages usually include evidence of the survival of the spirit person after the change called “death” and a personal greeting to the recipient of the message from the spirit person.  Numerous messages may be forthcoming during the course of a Public Demonstration, but there is no guarantee that everyone present will receive a message. 

Such Public Demonstrations of Mediumship are typically a part of most Divine Spiritualist Worship Services since their intent is to prove the continuation of life.  Barbara can be seen delivering such messages at the monthly Divine Spiritualist Worship Service -- held at Sapphire Holistic Center in Belmar, NJ on the first Sunday of each month.  There is no charge for the messages at these Divine Spiritualist Services, but a love donation is collected to support the Church.

In addition, Barbara periodically schedules such Public Demonstrations of Mediumship and Spirit Message Circles.  These events may be held at different venues throughout New Jersey and are open to the public.  A small fee is charged to cover expenses.  Please refer to Spiritual Life Fellowship's "Upcoming Events" page for information concerning the dates, times, locations and charges of these events or log onto Sapphire Angels at for more information.

CLASSES, WORKSHOPS AND MEDIUMSHIP DEVELOPMENT CIRCLES:  As a teacher with more than thirty years experience, Barbara is proud to offer a variety of Classes, Workshops and Circles for the Development of various phases of Mediumship.  Contact Barbara for specific information concerning the dates, times and charges for these events, or visit Spiritual Life Fellowship's "Upcoming Events" page. You may also log onto Sapphire Angels at


  1. Sittings are conducted by appointment only.  Please contact Barbara to schedule an appointment for the type of sitting you desire.  She is available for sittings at various times throughout the week.  See the Contact Barbara page of this website for all booking and information inquiries.

  2. Please bring the correct amount of CASH to your sitting.  Barbara regrets that, at this point in time, she is unable to accept either checks or credit/debit cards.

  3. In cases of financial need and emotional hardship, special monetary arrangements may be made.  If this applies to you, please phone Barbara at 201-943-6103 to discuss your personal situation.